Advice and support service for systematic literature searches

The inaugural lecture of:

Dr. Giorgio Treglia, Privat-docent

Introduction to systematic reviews and meta-analyses of diagnostic studies”

Monday May 14, 2018 (1.30 pm – 2.15 pm)

Auditorium Matthias Mayor BH8

allows the Research and Training team of the Medical University Library to draw your attention to the advice and support service for systematic literature searches.

This service includes:

  • Support to define a research question
  • Initial search for systematic reviews already published on the topic
  • Choice of databases to interrogate
  • Development of a choice of search terms, both thesaurus terms and free terms
  • Elaboration of research strategies for the selected databases
  • A report including the different search strategies and the number of results found in every database searched
  • A deduplicated EndNote file with references grouped and arranged by database

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Published: 09.05.2018