LNAM 2016

Samedi 03 septembre 2016

Maison des congrès

Les Diablerets

The 13th edition of the Lemanic Neuroscience Annual Meeting (LNAM’16), took place on Friday and Saturday, 2-3 September, at the Maison des Congrès in Les Diablerets.

Plenary talks were given by:

  • Claudia Bagni (DNF-UNIL)
  • Daniela Schiller (Friedman Brain Institute, New York)
  • Fritjof Helmchen (Brain Research Institute Zurich)
  • Brian McCabe (BMI-EPFL)

An extended poster session for junior Lemanic neuroscientists on Friday provided opportunities to exchange newest findings and ideas with colleagues and colleague-friends. Not to be forgotten … the famous Lemanic neuroscience dinner closely followed …

On Saturday, an Open Science Workshop took place including a talk by Malcolm Mcleod (University of Edinburgh) and an introduction to a series of Open Science workshops for Lemanic researchers by Cécile Lebrand (FBM Publication Management Unit, CHUV/UNIL).