Workshop : Data Management Plan (DMP) accompanying a research project grant application from the SNSF

Mardi 18 septembre 2018
De 10:00 à 12:00

BiUM teaching room
Bâtiment hospitalier CHUV – BH 08 410

This workshop in English is a practical training to help researchers from the FBM UNIL and CHUV to fill  their Data Management Plan (DMP), a compulsory evolutive document required by the SNSF when applying for a subside for a research project. Link

During this training, the participants will be help for completing the major DMP fields  of their grant application on mySNF:

1. Data collection and documentation
2. Ethical, legal and security issues
3. Storage and preservation of data
4. Sharing and re-use of data

This training is open to all UNIL, CHUV and IUMSP researchers applying to the SNSF for a basic research project.

Registration : Unité de gestion des données et publications de la FBM –
(maximum of 6 participants)