Workshop I. Animal Systematic Review and bias detection as tools for informed experimental design decisions

Vendredi 17 mars 2017
De 10:00 à 17:00

Salle de formation de la Bibliothèque du CHUV
Bâtiment hospitalier BH 08 CHUV- Metro M2 stop “CHUV”- Lausanne

The “Open Science & reproducibility” workshop series initiative supported by the Data Management Unit at FBM/CHUV Library and the Lemanic Neuroscience Doctoral School should be a unique opportunity for PhD students and post-docs to discuss and learn Open Science best practices and standards.

Workshops I- 17 March 2017 – 2 hrs lecture and 4 hrs practical in english – 0.5 ECTS

During Workshops I on systematic literature search and bias assessment (2 hrs lecture and 4 hrs practical – 0.5 ECTS), researchers as well as scientific information specialists will provide you with new knowledge and skills to support high quality and reproducible studies.

The morning lecture is aimed to discuss SYRCLE Animal Systematic Review and publication risk of bias as tools for taking informed experimental decisions for the setting of a laboratory experimentation as a step for valid, robust and reproducible research.
The afternoon workshop will focus on individual practice of systematic search applied to participant information need (Boolean operators, MesH terms, fast search string building with text editor). Participant groups will evaluate the risk of bias of 2 preselected papers by trainers with criteria derived from ARRIVES check list to recreate experimental time line (allocation concealment, blinding, randomization, sample size, specification of outcome variable, statistical analysis etc). Finally, participants will apply these criteria on their own key reference article, and discuss their findings within the whole group.

Workshops I is free and reserved to FBM-CHUV  and Lemanic neuroscience doctoral students or postdocs.

Teachers: Lucile Vogt and Dr Sylvie Vullioud Scientific Information School

Neuroscientist expert: Dr Cécile Lebrand

For more information, have a look at the programme of the lecture and workshop.

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