Internet and networks

The library provides two free wireless networks :

  • CHUV public network
    for  everyone
    quick set-up
    10-day validity
  • Eduroam network
    for students of any University
    for CHUV staff
    for anyone from other Eduroam-member institutions
    Information to connect :

    Login : (Different from the e-mail address) Ex. for Harry Potter or
    Password : Usual password for your CHUV or UNIL account
    More information available on the CHUV intranet (only available within the CHUV network).

There are computers available at the BiUM :

Telephony: mobile network

Factors beyond our control such as the location of the GSM antennas and the partly underground construction of the building hamper the reception of the mobile network. More or less depending on the operators. However, some plans and mobile phones allow calls via the WiFi network.