Library’s areas: access and description

The Library’s spaces are primarily intended for the academic community of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine (FBM) and for CHUV employees. Some areas are reserved for CHUV badge holders only.

Conditions to access the library and its services are currently temporarily modified.
Please see the detailed conditions for more information

Subject to availability, the Library is open to anyone wishing to use its services. Information can be obtained at the reception or by phone.

The rules of access to the areas and all the conditions of use are specified in the library rules (french content).

  • Workspaces

    To ensure a welcoming and hygienic environment it is not allowed to eat or drink, with the exception of drinks in closed containers.

    271 workplaces on 3 levels.

    Level E2, Marie Feyler area – Silent work area

      • 109 workplaces
      • Access reserved for CHUV badge holders only
      • Silent area, for study purposes only. Users must limit noise as much as possible.
      • The lounge, equipped with armchairs, allows you to take a break, make discreet phone calls, etc.


    Level E1 – Quiet work area

      • 98 workplaces
      • Quiet area, mainly dedicated to studying. Various services are present on this floor: collections, training room, group work rooms
      • 16 workplaces distributed in 3 group work rooms available upon reservation for FBM students (2nd year and later). Conversations are allowed in these rooms
      • 16 places in the training room, available when the room is not booked (please refer to the calendar on the door). Quiet area


    Level -0 – Multi-purpose area

      • 32 workplaces
      • Low-voice exchanges allowed with respect for nearby users


    Outside of teaching periods, places are available in the lab work rooms.

  • Lab work rooms

    Located on the ground floor of the library, these three rooms, with a total of 120 places, are managed by the School of Medicine. Outside of teaching periods, they are available to study in a quiet environment. Availability indicated on the doors. For security reasons, it is not allowed to eat or drink.

  • Interactive map

In order to borrow items from the library, you need to register for a library card. This card is personal and non-transferable. It can be obtained in any member library of the Renouvaud network, after registration online or directly on site.

You can fill out the pre-registration form and then validate the registration at the library in order to receive your library card.

The UNIL Campus Card can be used as a Renouvaud Card. Students enrolled in UNIL are automatically registered in the Renouvaud network.

Cards with the Bibliopass logo are also valid, but a registration of the card and the reader’s contact details must be made on the first loan.

Requirements for registration

People aged 14 years or over who belong to one of the following categories may register free of charge (except special conditions) in one of the network’s libraries :

  • Persons residing in Switzerland
  • Students, faculty and other staff of the UNIL, EPFL, Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences
  • Students of other universities with partnership with the UNIL or EPFL
  • Swiss citizens living abroad
  • Persons living abroad, who are working in the Canton de Vaud

An identity document is required at registration (the badge for CHUV employees).

Loans and extensions

The lending period is 28 days, renewable four times. To do this, please log into your account using the barcode number on the back of your Renouvaud or Unil card.


Document delivery and Interlibrary Loan

Ordering scientific articles and requesting a loan from another library is a service for anyone working or studying in the field of health and medicine. All orders are subject to a financial contribution. In order to save you unnecessary costs and time, we recommend that you consult the guide indicating how to find an article before placing an order.


A CHUV staff member or a student or academic staff member of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine
As long as the topic of the document is biomedical or paramedical, individuals living in the Canton de Vaud can make an order for personal use

Interlibrary loan (books)

Books from libraries in the Renouvaud network (BCU, CIO, IDHEAP, etc.) must be borrowed directly from the libraries to which they belong. Only CHUV employees can order books from the Renouvaud network through our service. Books that are not in the BiUM collections or in the libraries mentioned above can be ordered from other libraries.
This is a paid service.

Order form

All orders have to be placed through our interlibrary loan system, through the OpenILLink form.
Article : if you know the PMID article number, available at Pubmed, please use this number to fill the form.  
Books : if you know the Renouvaud record number, please use this number to complete the form.

Expected delivery time

Delivery time and conditions depend on the lending library ( loan conditions, availability of the document … ) . Copies of articles are sent by email allowing to shorten the delivery time (count from 1 to 3 days if the article comes from a Swiss library). Regarding books, an availability notice will be sent to you when the requested item has arrived at the CHUV library. It remains available at our welcome desk until the due date of the loan set by the lending library (mentioned in the notice of availability), when it must imperatively be returned .


Internal pricing

For CHUV / FBM staff
(Costs supported by the departments with internal invoicing)

BIUM and Swiss articlesCHF 8.-
Articles outside SwitzerlandCHF 12.-
Books, theses in SwitzerlandCHF 8.-
Books, theses outside SwitzerlandCHF 24.- (possible increase)
External pricing
For students, individuals and public and para-public services

(Individuals and students must pay at the reception desk or provide a sticker. Invoices are possible from 10 items upwards, but additional costs including VAT will be charged.)

Articles (for each 20 pages)CHF 12.- (or sticker)
Books, theses in SwitzerlandCHF 8.-
Books, theses outside SwitzerlandCHF 24.- (possible increase)
Literature research

The library offers literature research training and help on a one-to-one basis. Please check our dedicated page (in French).

Booking group study rooms

FBM students (starting from 2nd year) can reserve group study rooms (a minimum number of participants is required). Reservations are done from or the Affluences mobile app and are only available 7 days beforehand.

Conditions to access the library and its services are currently temporarily modified.
Please see the detailed conditions for more information

Book a group study room
FBM students (starting from 2nd year) can also use these rooms freely when they are not booked, or when the minimum number of participants is not reached. A CHUV badge is required to enter the rooms at any time.

Box 1Box 2Box 3
6 3 seats6 3 seats4 2 seats
at least 3 2 persons for a reservationat least 3 2 persons for a reservationat least 2 persons for a reservation
Quota: 4h/week par person
1 screen (HDMI)
Only for FBM students (2nd year and later)


  • Only for FBM students (2nd year and later) having an active and validated CHUV badge (required to open the door) and a valid UNIL email to confirm reservations.
  • Maximum 4h week, per person.
  • Reservations can be done maximum 1 week in advance.
  • Minimum number of participants required: 2 persons
  • Furniture in the room cannot be rearranged (due to electrical wiring).
  • In case of no-show after 30 minutes the reservation may be cancelled (with loss of quota).
Computer workstations

The Library offers 3 CHUV workstations and 6 InternetUNIL terminals on the ground floor (level -0) to search the Internet, print and use various computer applications.

Internet and networks

Two free Wi-Fi are available at the library:

  • CHUV public network (“public-chuv”)
    for everyone
    quick set-up (requires to be able to receive an access code sent via SMS from a swiss number)
    10-day validity
  • “eduroam” network
    for UNIL students, CHUV staff or anyone from an institution member of eduroam

    Connecting to eduroam: (Different from the email address)
    For example with Marie Curie: ou
    Password:usual password for your CHUV or UNIL account (same one as for your emails)

    More information available on the CHUV intranet (only available within the CHUV network).

There are computers available at the BiUM :

Telephony: mobile network

Factors beyond our control such as the location of the GSM antennas and the partly underground construction of the building hamper the reception of the mobile network. More or less depending on the operators. However, some plans and mobile phones allow calls via the WiFi network.

Print and copy

Students and external users have the ability to print, copy and scan documents via the UNIL PrintUNIL printing system

CHUV employees have the ability to print, copy and scan documents via a dedicated printer equipped with the Papercut – Follow-You system (documentation in French and available only from the CHUV’s internal network)

  • You are UNIL student

    Please consult the PrintUNIL documentation on the website of the UNIL IT service.

    You can print, copy or scan with the same procedure as from any UNIL site.

    You can refill your PrintUNIL account by transferring credits from your Campuscard.

    To do this, the Campuscard must be sufficiently funded. If necessary, you can refill your Campuscard online by following the procedure described at

  • You are an external user

    You can use the PrintUNIL printers to print, copy or scan documents. You must first create a guest account by going to this page. Print credits can be purchased at the welcome desk of the library.

    Warning: when creating a guest account, the used e-mail address must not contain an underscore (“_”).

    You can use the UNIL Internet terminals of the library to print your documents.

    Warning: it is necessary to precede your user name with “printunil\” (example: printunil\guest42) during authentication. On Mac to enter a ‘\’, press Alt + Shift + 7.

    To copy or scan, you can connect to a PrintUNIL printer and choose the “Copie” or “Lire et envoyer” option.


    PricePrinting credits
    CHF. 5.-50
    CHF. 10.-100
    CHF. 20.-200
    CHF. 30.-300
    CHF. 40.-400
    CHF. 50.-500
  • You are a CHUV employee

    You can login (login + CHUV password) on one of the computer workstations available to CHUV employees.

    Then send your documents to the printer connected to these stations and pass your badge through the badge reader on this machine. It is then possible to release your documents.

Remote access to online resources

Remote access to online resources is available only for CHUV staff and UNIL students and staff. → see the documentation

As the Library of medicine is not responsible for the technical infrastructure provided for remote access, please contact the respective IT support in case of problems or difficulties with the  remote access installation:

Multimedia library

Located in the BiUM, the multimedia library contains material to meet training and teaching needs and to provide information to patients.

DVD collection

This audiovisual documentation is catalogued in Renouvaud. It includes educational films, documentary films, clinical examinations, care and maintenance methods, medical broadcasts, inaugural conferences and lectures. This collection is classified as the monographs according to the NLM classification and also indexed with MeSH vocabulary.
Here is also a selection of DVD sorted by themes.

A few fiction films have been purchased upon teachers’ request. They are used for specialized training or for Pause Projection sessions.

These documents are available for on-site consultation or for borrowing.

Online multimedia resources 

  • A number of videos (reports) are available for online consultation (intranet). Please visit the Vidéothèque on the Hôpitothèque website
  • CHUV symposium videos can be accessed on the Hôpitothèque website (registration required)
  • A number of medical journals offer publications and videos (e.g. NEJM, JoVE or AccessMedicine)

Pause Projection

These thematic screenings followed by a talk with a guest speaker are jointly organized with the Policlinique médicale universitaire (PMU) and the IUMSP – uDDSP.

Check our Winter Spring 2019 program

Purchase suggestions

Get involved in the Library’s collection development by completing the purchase suggestion form.

Teaching collection

For students in medicine, the Library has resources available on loan. To access it in the catalog, please visit the following links for the different course syllabus of the Bachelor and Master’s degree.





For students in Nursing, the Library has resources available on loan. To access it in the catalog, please visit the following link:

IUFRS Master Nursing Sciences (MScSI et MScIPS)
M1 – M3Autumn semester
M2 – M4Spring semester
NLM Classification

The Library collection is thematically organized according to the National Library of Medicine (NLM) headings.

Take note in the bibliographic record, of the location name, and the NLM classification number (see screenshot), then go directly to the documents on the shelves.

Cote Renouvaud - classification NLM

Beware, if the location name mentionned in Renouvaud is different than “Bibliothèque Universitaire de Médecine au CHUV – Bibliothèque : Collection générale” or “Bibliothèque Universitaire de Médecine au CHUV – Bibliothèque : Collection d’enseignement”, send us an e-mail beforehand or ask the welcome desk.

NLM CodeCategoryLink
Books selectionDVD selection
HSocial sciences, Education
Sciences sociales, Education
Books selection
QScience (general)
Science (général)
Books selection
QAMathematics, Statistics
Mathématiques, Statistiques
Books selection
Books selection
Books selection
Books selection
QSHuman Anatomy
Anatomie humaine
Books selectionDVD selection
QS 504 – 532Histology
Books selection
Books selectionDVD selection
QUBiochemistry, Nutrition
Biochimie, Nutrition
Books selectionDVD selection
Books selectionDVD selection
QWMicrobiology, Immunology
Microbiologie, Immunologie
Books selectionDVD selection
Books selectionDVD selection
QYClinical biology
Biologie clinique
Books selectionDVD selection
Books selectionDVD selection
NLM CodeCategoryLink
WGeneral medicine
Médecine générale

Medical Dictionaries, Biomedical Technology, Forensic Sciences

Books selectionDVD selection
WAPublic Health
Santé publique

Public health, Epidemiology, Preventive health services, Preventive medicine, Occupational Medicine, Health and Hygiene, Health Administration and Organization, Environmental Pollution, Sanitation, Statistics, Surveys

Books selectionDVD selection
WBPractice of Medicine
Pratique de la médecine

Emergency medicine, Internal medicine, physical examination and history taking, Diagnosis

Books selectionDVD selection
WCInfectious diseases, Communicable diseases
Maladies infectieuses, Maladies transmissibles
Books selectionDVD selection
NLM CodeCategoryLink
WEMusculoskeletal System
Système musculo-squelettique
Books selectionDVD selection
WFRespiratory System
Système respiratoire
Books selectionDVD selection
WGCardiovascular System
Système cardiovasculaire
Books selectionDVD selection
WHHemic and Lymphatic System
Hématologie, Système lymphatique
Books selectionDVD selection
WIDigestive System
Système digestif
Books selectionDVD selection
WJUrogenital System
Système urogenital
Books selectionDVD selection
WKEndocrine System
Système endocrinien
Books selectionDVD selection
WLNervous System, Neurology
Système nerveux, Neurologie
Books selectionDVD selection
Books selectionDVD selection
WNRadiology, Diagnostic Imaging
Books selectionDVD selection
WOSurgery, Anesthesiology
Chirurgie, Anesthésiologie
Books selectionDVD selection
Books selectionDVD selection
Books selectionDVD selection
Books selectionDVD selection
Books selectionDVD selection
Books selectionDVD selection
WUMaxillofacial surgery
Chirurgie maxillo-faciale
Books selection
Books selectionDVD selection
Books selectionDVD selection
WXHospitals and other health facilities
Hôpitaux et autres établissements de santé
Books selectionDVD selection
Soins infirmiers
Books selectionDVD selection
WZHistory of Medicine. Medical writing and publishing
Histoire de la médecine. Rédaction médicale et publications
Books selectionDVD selection