Document delivery and Interlibrary Loan

Documents from the Vaud network libraries (BCU, BPUL, CIO, IUHM, IDHEAP, etc.) must be borrowed locally, directly at the libraries to which they belong. Documents that are not included in the collections of the Library of Medicine (CHUV Library) or the above libraries can be ordered from other libraries. This is a paid service. A notice of availability will be sent to you as soon as the requested item has arrived.


A CHUV staff member or a student or academic staff member of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine
As long as the topic of the document is biomedical or paramedical, individuals living in the Canton de Vaud can make an order for personal use

Order form

All orders have to be placed through our interlibraryloan system, through the OpenILLink form. 
Article : if you know the PMID article number, available at Pubmed, please use this number to fill the form.  
Books : if you know the Renouvaud record number, please use this number to complete the form.

Expected delivery time

Delivery time and conditions depend on the lending library ( loan conditions, availability of the document … ) . Copies of articles are sent by email allowing to shorten the delivery time (count from 1 to 3 days if the article comes from a Swiss library). Regarding books, an availability notice will be sent to you when the requested item has arrived at the CHUV library. It remains available at our welcome desk until the due date of the loan set by the lending library (mentioned in the notice of availability), when it must imperatively be returned .


CHUV staff : participation is requested (minimum 8 Francs). Account numbers of your unit (CGRA and CGRB) must be provided when the order is placed so we can charge your unit directly.
External users : 8 francs per item (plus an additional 1 franc per item for administrative expenses if an invoice is required) and 8 francs minimum for books. See pricing, in french.


Library Card

In order to borrow items from the library, you need to register for a library card. This card is personal and non-transferable. It can be obtained in any member library of the Renouvaud network, after registration online or directly on site.

You can fill out the pre-registration form and then validate the registration at the library in order to receive your library card.

Valid cards or to be validated

  • Any Renouvaud library card
  • Library cards from a RERO library are valid to borrow books at the BiUM library, without any further registration if you borrowed documents in the Canton of Vaud since 2012, If it is not the case, you will have to register for a new card.
  • The UNIL Campus Card can be used as a library card: first confirm your Campus card for the current semester at the terminal and complete the pre-registration form
  • Cards with the Bibliopass logo, are also valid, but the card needs to be registered upon the first loan.

Requirements for registration

People aged 14 years or over who belong to one of the following categories may register free of charge (except special conditions) in one of the network’s libraries :

  • Persons residing in Switzerland
  • Students, faculty and other staff of the UNIL, EPFL, IDHEAP, HEP and Gymnase Provence.
  • Students of other universities with partnership with the UNIL or EPFL
  • Swiss citizens living abroad
  • Persons living abroad, who are working in the Canton de Vaud

Identification required at registration


Literature research

The library offers literature research training and help on a one-to-one basis. Please check our dedicated page (in French).

Study rooms and reading room

The library offers more than ten study rooms (capacity 2-3 people) and four larger rooms (capacity 4-6 people). Study rooms cannot be booked.

Access to the study rooms and to the reading room is for CHUV badge holders only. It means medicines students from the 2nd year on and CHUV staff only.


Print and copy

Photocopies and prints cost 20 cents per page, and are to be paid with a copy card bought at the welcome desk of the library.

Printing with Printunil: this facility is located outside of the library, at the BH09 level next to the auditoriums.

Scanning : scanners are available for use at the library. Ask a librarian for assistance or for any copyright questions. Regarding image processing, please contact SAM.

Internet and wireless access

The library provides two free wireless networks :

  • CHUV public network
    for  everyone
    quick set-up
    10-day validity
  • Eduroam network
    for students of any University
    for CHUV staff
    for anyone from other Eduroam-member institutions

    Information to connect :
    Login : (Different from the e-mail address) Ex. for Harry Potter or
    Password : Usual password for your CHUV or UNIL account
    More information available on the CHUV intranet (only available within the CHUV network).

There are computers available at the BiUM :

  • 4 computers for literature search, located at the entrance
  • 10 computers  for CHUV staff
  • 20 computers for UNIL students
  • 4 UNIL terminals located outside the library, at the BH09 level (auditoriums area).
Remote access to online resources

Remote access is available for CHUV staff and UNIL students and staff.

  • CHUV staff

Use the link :
Then enter your CHUV ID and password.

For  certain publishers’ portals (eg Science Direct, UpToDate or JAMA network) the portal does not work correctly. We recommend you the following procedure: Installing Pulse Secure CHUV staff (French only) in order to install Pulse secure, which avoids access issues. This also allows to avoid the interferences with the software Zotero.

  • UNIL students and staff

Use the link :
Then enter your UNIL ID and password.

We advise you to install the Pulse Secure software by clicking the start button.


This because Using Crypto via your browser might interfere with Zotero, UpToDate or JAMA Network portals and for certain publishers’ portals (eg Science Direct) the portal does not work correctly.

For more information, please visit

Multimedia library

Located in the BiUM, the multimedia library contains material to meet training and teaching needs and to provide information to patients.

DVD collection

This audiovisual documentation is catalogued in Renouvaud. It includes educational films, documentary films, clinical examinations, care and maintenance methods, medical broadcasts, inaugural conferences and lectures. This collection is classified as the monographs according to the NLM classification and also indexed with MeSH vocabulary.
Here is also a selection of DVD sorted by themes.

A few fiction films have been purchased upon teachers’ request. They are used for specialized training or for Pause Projection sessions.

These documents are available for on-site consultation or for borrowing.

Online multimedia resources 

  • A number of videos (reports) are available for online consultation (intranet). Please visit the Vidéothèque on the Hôpitothèque website
  • CHUV symposium videos can be accessed on the Hôpitothèque website (registration required)
  • A number of medical journals offer publications and videos (e.g. NEJM, JoVE or AccessMedicine)

Pause Projection

These thematic screenings followed by a talk with a guest speaker are jointly organized with the Policlinique médicale universitaire (PMU) and the IUMSP – uDDSP.

Check our Autumn 2016 program

Purchase suggestions

Get involved in the Library’s collection development by completing the purchase suggestion form.

Teaching collection

For students in medicine, the Library has resources available on loan. To access it in the catalog, please visit the following links:

You can also find the available resources for the different course syllabus of the Bachelor’s degree by visiting the links in the tables below:





For students in Nursing Sciences, the Library has resources available on loan. To access it in the catalog, please visit the following link:

You can also find the available resources for the different course syllabus of the Master’s degree by visiting the links in the table below:

Syllabus Nursing
01Méthodes qualitatives
02Méthode de recherches quantitatives
03Examen clinique avancé
04Approche systémique de la famille
05Fondements de la PIA
06Fondements théoriques et Epistémologie
07Les auto-soins en contexte de maladie chronique
08Direction et développement de projet clinique II
09Statistiques pour les sciences de la santé I
10Méthodes de recherche I : Fondements et processus
NLM Classification

The Library collection is thematically organized according to the National Library of Medicine (NLM) headings.

Take note in the bibliographic record, of the location name, and the two classification numbers, then go directly to the documents on the shelves.

Beware, if the location name mentionned in Renouvaud is different than “University Library of Medicine at CHUV Library” or “University Library of Medicine at CHUV VD HESAV”, send us an e-mail beforehand.

NLM CodeCategoryLink
AGeneral works, Encyclopedia, Dictionaries
Ouvrages généraux, Encyclopédies, Dictionnaires
Books selection
BPhilosophy, Psychology, Religion
Philosophie, Psychologie, Religion
Books selection
HSocial sciences : Economics, Sociology
Sciences sociales : Economie, Sociologie
Books selection
QScience (general)
Science (général)
Books selection
Books selection
Books selection
QHBiology, Genetics, Cytology
Biologie, Génétique, Cytologie
Books selection
Books selection
QSHuman Anatomy
Anatomie humaine
Books selectionDVD selection
QS 504 – 532Histology
Books selection
NLM CodeCategoryLink
WGeneral Medicine, Health Professions
Professions de la santé

Medical Dictionaries, Biomedical Technology, Forensic Sciences
Books selectionDVD selection
WAPublic Health
Santé publique

Public health, Epidemiology, Preventive health services, Preventive medicine, Occupational Medicine, Health and Hygiene, Health Administration and Organization, Environmental Pollution, Sanitation, Statistics, Surveys
Books selectionDVD selection
WBPractice of Medicine
Pratique de la médecine

Emergency medicine, Internal medicine, physical examination and history taking, Diagnosis
Books selectionDVD selection
WCCommunicable Diseases (general)
Maladies transmissibles (général)General Works
Books selectionDVD selection
WDDisorders of Systemic, Metabolic or Environmental Origin
Troubles d’origine systémique, métabolique ou environnementale

Nutrition Disorders, Metabolic Diseases, Immunologic Diseases, Hypersensitivity
Books selectionDVD selection
NLM CodeCategoryLink
WEMusculoskeletal System
Appareil locomoteur
Books selectionDVD selection
WFRespiratory System
Système respiratoire
Books selectionDVD selection
WGCardiovascular System
Système cardio-vasculaire
Books selectionDVD selection
WHHemic and Lymphatic System
Hématologie, Système lymphatique
Books selectionDVD selection
WIDigestive System
Books selectionDVD selection
WJUrogenital System
Appareil génito-urinaire
Books selectionDVD selection
WKEndocrine System
Books selectionDVD selection
WLNervous System
Books selectionDVD selection
Books selectionDVD selection
WNRadiology, Diagnostic Imaging
Books selectionDVD selection
Chirurgie, Anesthésie
Books selectionDVD selection
Books selectionDVD selection
Books selectionDVD selection
Books selectionDVD selection
Books selectionDVD selection
WTGeriatrics, Chronic Disease
Books selectionDVD selection
WUDentistry, Oral Surgery
Odontologie, Stomatologie
Books selection
Books selectionDVD selection
Books selectionDVD selection
WXHospitals and other Health Facilities
Books selectionDVD selection
Soins infirmiers
Books selectionDVD selection
WZHistory of Medicine, Medical Miscellany
Histoire de la médecine
Books selectionDVD selection
Books selection
Essential documents by medical specialty