Multimedia library

Located in the BiUM, the multimedia library contains material to meet training and teaching needs and to provide information to patients.

DVD collection

This audiovisual documentation is catalogued in Renouvaud. It includes educational films, documentary films, clinical examinations, care and maintenance methods, medical broadcasts, inaugural conferences and lectures. This collection is classified as the monographs according to the NLM classification and also indexed with MeSH vocabulary.

Here are also a selection of DVD sorted by themes, thematic selections available in the Renouvaud catalogue and the annual lists of new acquisitions.

Subject-specific catalogues are compiled for specific training courses:

Theme Links
About birth Catalogue access Printable version
Adolescence Catalogue access Printable version
Violence medicine Catalogue access Printable version
Pain Catalogue access Printable version
Epidemic, Pandemic Catalogue access Printable version
Fiction films Catalogue access Printable version

Pause Projection
Thematic screenings followed by a discussion with a guest speaker. Information on previous seasons.

Online multimedia resources 

Swiss cinema in streaming

The Artfilm platform offers more than 600 documentaries and fiction films for streaming. Access is free and unlimited with the Renouvaud card.
Connection: All connections must be established through this page with the card number and the associated password.

Updated: 04.08.2023