Library’s areas: access and description

The Library’s spaces are primarily intended for the academic community of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine (FBM) and for CHUV employees. Some areas are reserved for CHUV badge holders only.

Subject to availability, the Library is open to anyone wishing to use its services. Information can be obtained at the reception or by phone.

The rules of access to the areas and all the conditions of use are specified in the library rules (french content).

  • Workspaces

    To ensure a welcoming and hygienic environment it is not allowed to eat or drink, with the exception of drinks in closed containers.

    271 workplaces on 3 levels.

    Level E2, Marie Feyler area – Silent work area

      • 109 workplaces
      • Access can be limited to CHUV badge holders only during busy periods, particularly during revision weeks
      • Silent area, for study purposes only. Users must limit noise as much as possible.
      • The lounge, equipped with armchairs, allows you to take a break, make discreet phone calls, etc.


    Level E1 – Quiet work area

      • 98 workplaces
      • Quiet area, mainly dedicated to studying. Various services are present on this floor: collections, training room, group work rooms
      • 16 workplaces distributed in 3 group work rooms available upon reservation for FBM students (2nd year and later). Conversations are allowed in these rooms
      • 16 places in the training room, available when the room is not booked (please refer to the calendar on the door). Quiet area


    Level -0 – Multi-purpose area

      • 32 workplaces
      • Low-voice exchanges allowed with respect for nearby users


    Outside of teaching periods, places are available in the lab work rooms.

  • Lab work rooms

    Located on the ground floor of the library, these three rooms have a total capacity of 120 places, and are sometimes available during revision periods to study in a quiet environment. Subject to availability, indicated on the doors. These rooms are not managed by the library, which cannot respond to requests for access or reservations.

    For safety reasons, food and drink are not permitted, even in closed containers.

  • Interactive map
Updated: 06.07.2023