Print and copy

Students and external users have the ability to print, copy and scan documents via the UNIL PrintUNIL printing system

CHUV employees have the ability to print, copy and scan documents via a dedicated printer equipped with the Papercut – Follow-You system (documentation in French and available only from the CHUV’s internal network)

  • You are UNIL student

    Please consult the PrintUNIL documentation on the website of the UNIL IT service.

    You can print, copy or scan with the same procedure as from any UNIL site.

    You can refill your PrintUNIL account by transferring credits from your Campuscard.

    To do this, the Campuscard must be sufficiently funded. If necessary, you can refill your Campuscard online by following the procedure described at

  • You are an external user

    You can use the PrintUNIL printers to print, copy or scan documents. You must first create a guest account by going to this page. Print credits can be purchased at the welcome desk of the library.

    Warning: when creating a guest account, the used e-mail address must not contain an underscore (“_”).

    You can use the UNIL Internet terminals of the library to print your documents.

    Warning: it is necessary to precede your user name with “printunil\” (example: printunil\guest42) during authentication. On Mac to enter a ‘\’, press Alt + Shift + 7.

    To copy or scan, you can connect to a PrintUNIL printer and choose the “Copie” or “Lire et envoyer” option.


    Price Printing credits
    CHF. 5.- 50
    CHF. 10.- 100
    CHF. 20.- 200
    CHF. 30.- 300
    CHF. 40.- 400
    CHF. 50.- 500
  • You are a CHUV employee

    You can login (login + CHUV password) on one of the computer workstations available to CHUV employees.

    Then send your documents to the printer connected to these stations and pass your badge through the badge reader on this machine. It is then possible to release your documents.