Computer workstations

The Library offers 3 CHUV workstations and 6 InternetUNIL terminals on the ground floor (level -0) to search the Internet and use various computer applications.

The workstations intended for CHUV employees (requiring login and password) must under no circumstances be used to process confidential data (e.g. Soarian).

  • 2 workstations at the entrance, close to the welcome desk
  • 1 workstation in the reading and work area (used for accompanied literature searches; please refer to the booking schedule)

More information on this page (only in French), under the heading « Pourquoi y a-t-il aussi peu de postes informatiques CHUV ? »

For Master’s students who need access to Soarian, this is possible with a personal computer and requires:

Once these conditions are met, remote access to SOARIAN for students doing their Master’s thesis can be achieved via a Standard VPN connection > MESAPPLIS > SOARIAN

For external users and UNIL students: