Document delivery and Interlibrary Loan

Ordering scientific articles and requesting a loan from another library is a service for anyone working or studying in the field of health and medicine. All orders are subject to a financial contribution.


A CHUV staff member or a student or academic staff member of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine
As long as the topic of the document is biomedical or paramedical, individuals living in the Canton de Vaud can make an order for personal use

Interlibrary loan (books)

Books from libraries in the Renouvaud network (BCU, CIO, IDHEAP, etc.) must be borrowed directly from the libraries to which they belong. Only CHUV employees can order books from the Renouvaud network through our service. Books that are not in the BiUM collections or in the libraries mentioned above can be ordered from other libraries.
This is a paid service.

Order form

All orders have to be placed through our interlibrary loan system, through the OpenILLink form.
Article : if you know the PMID article number, available at Pubmed, please use this number to fill the form.  
Books : if you know the Renouvaud record number, please use this number to complete the form.

Expected delivery time

Delivery time and conditions depend on the lending library ( loan conditions, availability of the document … ) . Copies of articles are sent by email allowing to shorten the delivery time (count from 1 to 3 days if the article comes from a Swiss library). Regarding books, an availability notice will be sent to you when the requested item has arrived at the CHUV library. It remains available at our welcome desk until the due date of the loan set by the lending library (mentioned in the notice of availability), when it must imperatively be returned .


CHUV staff : participation is requested (minimum 8 Francs). Account numbers of your unit (CGRA and CGRB) must be provided when the order is placed so we can charge your unit directly.
External users : 8 francs per item (plus an additional 1 franc per item for administrative expenses if an invoice is required) and 8 francs minimum for books. See pricing, in french.