Get to know your neighbours at the IMUL DMF and EPFL Unconventional Meeting!

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Refuge du Censuy

Rue du Léman
1020 Renens

The  “IDEUM unconventional meeting” included presentations by several group leaders, chalk talks, how abouts on the publishing process, a “My project in 180 seconds” contest, a brainstorming session and speed geeking.

In order to inform and help researchers better use new ways of publishing and sharing scientific results, the FBM Publication Management Unit participated to the  meeting.

Dr. Cécile Lebrand gave a talk entitled : “New tips for managing your publications and research visibility: get visible or vanish»
In the first part of her talk, she presented how making published works and their accompanying datasets freely accessible and reusable through Open Access can benefit researchers and the scientific community, e.g. by improving transparency and increasing results reproducibility. In this context, she also explained how the BIUM Research & Publication unit actually helps researchers address the Open Access requirements from major funding agencies (SNSF, Horizon2020). In the second part of her talk, considering the gradual paradigm shift from “publish or perish” to “get visible or vanish” in today’s digital and open access environments, she presented innovative ways of increasing the visibility of your work and of yourself (ORCID id). Finally, she discussed the use of responsible and fair metrics that respect the principles of robustness, humility, transparency, diversity and reflexivity, which should be important during the evaluation process of research quality.