Workshop II – “Improving experimental design in basic and clinical research for increased science reproducibility”.

Wednesday 07 June 2017
From 10:00 am to 5:30 pm

Salle de formation de la Bibliothèque du CHUV

Bâtiment hospitalier BH 08 CHUV- Metro M2 stop “CHUV”- Lausanne

The workshop is fully booked with 21 participants.

The workshop will be accredited by the RESAL as a one day training in animal research and will count for 0.5 ECTS.

This workshop  Workshop II  on “Improving experimental design in basic and clinical research for increased science reproducibility” is part of the Lemanic “Open Science & reproducibility” workshop series that aims at educating researchers from UNIL, CHUV, EPFL, UNIGE and HUG about Open Science in order to improve transparency and reproducibility of their research. This series of events, supported by the FBM Publication & Data Management Unit at CHUV LibraryLemanic Neuroscience Doctoral School and RESAL will be a unique opportunity for scientists to discuss and discover Open Science best practices and standards at all stages of the research process.

The first course will give basic concepts of biostatistics and experimental design. Covered topics will include a general introduction to null hypothesis testing, sampling methodologies, independence of measurements, reduction of systematic error/bias, power/sample size calculation, danger of data dredging and the impact of null results in publication bias.

The second half of the workshop will address the issue, constraints and specificities of design in experimental and in clinical science separately. A thorough understanding of mechanisms leading to irreproducibility through false positives or negatives, confounding variables or uncontrolled bias in both research context will be presented, as well as the solution to prevent them. A large part of the workshop will be dedicated to practical activities where attendees can apply their newfound skills in critically assessing the quality of designs, presenting their design in grant application and publications as well as using software and online tools.

Teacher: Dr Romain-Daniel Gosselin

The workshop is free and open to PhDs students from LNDS and FBM UNIL_CHUV.

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Location : Salle de formation de la Bibliothèque du CHUV, Bâtiment hospitalier BH 08 CHUV- Metro M2 stop “CHUV”- Lausanne

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