Exhibition Herbier 2 – Mireille Gros

Every day for over 40 years, Mireille Gros has worked to create new plants, telling her own story about the infinite wealth of biodiversity. Presented at three sites in the CHUV, her artwork offers a reflection on the mystery of existence, the origins of life, the flow of things.

Herbier 1 – Espace CHUV (Main Hospital Building entrance) : Let your gaze wander through a living composition of more than 400 drawings, paintings and collages.

Herbier 2 – Bibliothèque universitaire de médecine : Mireille Gros’ “intimate archives” let you dive into the deep work of the artist through a selection of her art books.

Herbier 3 – Hôtel des Patients : Monumental and subtle paintings invite contemplation, soothe and amaze.

These three exhibitions are part of the spring exhibition “Pour un herbier”, by VU.CH.

From April 22 to June 25, 2021 in 7 locations inside and outside of the CHUV.

Published: 27.04.2021