Remote access for UNIL students

Most of the electronic resources offered by the Medical library are only available within the UNIL network. However, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) client, called Pulse Secure, allows you to connect your own computer or cell phone to it and use the resources remotely.

To install the client :

  • Go to the Crypto platform: then log in with your UNIL credentials.
  • Click the “Démarrer” button next to the Pulse Secure icon.
  • Then download the application launcher and follow the installation steps.

Once the software is correctly installed, the Pulse Secure client icon in the Taskbar allows you to start a connection. It is no longer necessary to use the Crypto platform.

Detailed documentation is available on the UNIL Helpdesk website (French). You will also find there the contact information of the UNIL Helpdesk if you encounter difficulties during the installation.

Published: 23.09.2020