Your new library spaces

In 2019 the library is moving to a new building. As part of a series of articles on the progress of this project, we invite you to discover below the various spaces planned for the new library.

Occupying 2000m2 on three different levels connected by two lightwells, the new library offers study space for 300 users, as well as 120 additional seats in the lab rooms when not in use. The spaces are designed by specialists to ensure the quality of the workplaces and a comfortable learning environment.

Services have also been specifically defined for you, such as PrintUnil, screen-equipped group study rooms, water fountains and hot drinks vending machines. The medical study association (AEML) will be on site. Of course, you will also find optimal access to scientific literature as well as training and advice to help you succeed in your studies!

Click on the interactive map below to discover the various zones of the new library:

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Published: 15.11.2018