Gold Open Access Financial Support for scientific publications at UNIL/CHUV

UNIL/CHUV researchers can benefit from numerous resources to finance the Author Processing Charges (APCs) necessary to provide Open Access their scientific publications following the gold path.

In the case of scientific  publications funded by a SNSF subside, the SNSF provides grants to finance publications that are made available immediately in pur gold open access journals. Payment of processing charges can be requested directly via the OA platform of the SNSF (mySNF). For more information

Within the framework of negotiations conducted by swissuniversites at the national level with publishing houses such as Elsevier, Springer Nature and Wiley, they can benefit from a new “Read & Publish” licence model which covers both access to the journals (Read) and their Open Access publication costs in the same journals (Publish). See below all the agreements between UNIL and publishing houses from which CHUV researchers also benefit.

FBM/CHUV researchers who would like to have more information about the journals for which they benefit from partial or total coverage of their APC costs can contact  us.

Research & Publications Officer
Dr. Cécile Lebrand
Tél. +41 (0)21 314 50 81

Full coverage of APC costs at UNIL

  • Elsevier

    This is the first transformative Read & Publish Big Deal agreement negotiated nationally by swissuniversities.  UNIL/CHUV Researchers can access 16 million publications from over 2,500 journals published by Elsevier and its society partners via ScienceDirect. Furthermore, researchers will be able to publish Open Access across the majority of Elsevier’s Gold and Hybrid journals, scaling up to 100% by 2023.

    UNIL/CHUV corresponding authors can publish free of charge in Gold and Hybrid Elsevier journalsCell Press journals, «The Lancet» and selected society journals are not included in the agreement. Therefore, please consult the Excel list before choosing a journal to publish in Open Access (20200524_Elsevier_titlelist_publish_2020). This deal is valid for articles submitted after January 1, 2020.

    Here are the article types cover by Elsevier’s OA agreement:
    CRP — Case Report
    DAT — Data
    FLA — Full-length article
    MIC — Microarticle
    OSP — Original software publication
    PGL — Practice Guidelines
    PRO — Protocol
    REV (journals) — Review article
    RPL — Replication Studies
    SCO — Short communication
    SSU — Short survey
    VID — Video Article

    After your article is accepted, corresponding authors will receive an e-mail with a link to the Elsevier Rights and Access Portal. Follow the UNIL guideline 4.3 that specify the way researchers from UNIL and CHUV should declare their institutional affiliation within publications and scientific communications. Enter University of Lausanne as the “Corresponding Author’s Organization”

    then select the “Gold Open Access” option. It is not the default option, so make sure you choose Open Access. Be sure to select the CC BY license and not CC BC NC ND in order to have maximum rights to use your article.

  • Springer Nature

    A new Read&Publish contract has been signed with Springer Nature publishing house in the context of national negotiations conducted by swissuniversites. Under this agreement, the corresponding FBM UNIL/CHUV authors can publish their articles (OriginalPaper, ReviewPaper, BriefCommunication and ContinuingEducation) in Open Access free of charge in 1850 hybrid Springer Nature journals. Unfortunately, this agreement is only valid for articles accepted after 1 July 2020 and a number of Nature Research journals  are not included in the agreement. Therefore, please consult the Excel list before choosing a journal to publish in Open Access.

    It is imperative to select the Open Access channel as soon as the manuscript is accepted (“MyPublication” form) as a retrospective request for publication in Open Access is impossible. Please adhere strictly to UNIL guideline 4.3. for your affiliation in the article and enter the University of Lausanne as “affiliation for the corresponding author” in the submission system and then select the “Gold Open Access” option. This is not the default option, so be sure  to consult this guide and select the less restrictive CC-BY license if possible.

  • Wiley

    There is a memorandum of understanding with Wiley for the conclusion of a Read and Publish contract. Negotiations with Wiley will continue in 2020.

    You will find more information on this page once an agreement will entered into force.

  • Karger

    Read access to all Karger journals and open access publication of articles with the UNIL correspondence author in all Karger journals (Gold and Hybrid) at no extra cost to authorsInformation about submitting articles to Karger .

  • Annual Reviews

    Pilot project aimed at flipping subscription journals to fully Open Access journals. In 2020, 5 journals at Annual Reviews  will be completely opened with no APCs to be paid by authors:

    Annual Review of Cancer Biology
    Annual Review of Environment and Resources
    Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science
    Annual Review of Political Science
    Annual Review of Public Health

Partial coverage of APC costs at UNIL

  • BMC Springer Open

    15% discount on APCs with Springer Open  and Biomed Central  for UNIL authors.

  • MDPI

    15% discount on MDPI  fees for UNIL researchers.

Partial coverage of publishing costs at UNIL

  • BMJ case report

    UNIL offers an Institutional Fellowships that allows all faculty, staff and students the freedom to submit as many cases as they like as well as access to and reuse of all the published material at no cost. Open Access APC is an additional $522USD charged to the authors.

    Contact us to get the institutional code waives  for individuals submitting.