50 years ago, Swiss women obtained the right to vote

In its new premises, the Library dedicated a floor to Marie Feyler, the first woman from Canton de Vaud to graduate from the Faculty of Medicine in 1904. This is an opportunity to remember her commitment to women’s rights: the right to vote and the right to health. Marie Feyler was also active in the creation of the first Swiss association of women physicians (1922).

On this topic, discover the special Swiss Radio Television page, with programmes, documentaries, archives, as well as the movies available in the BiUM media library.

L’Ordre divin – Die göttliche Ordnung de Petra Volpe, 2017, 94 min.
Library quote DVD 903 HQ 1101 ORD
Fiction film Nora is a young mother. In 1971, she lives with her husband and two sons in a quiet Swiss village where the revolution of the 1968 movement has had little effect. However, the peace in the village and in her home begins to waver when Nora starts to fight for women’s suffrage.

De la cuisine au parlement de Stéphane Goël
New online version, 2021, 90 min.
Switzerland was one of the last countries in the world to grant women the right to vote and stand for election. Walk through a century of archives in the footsteps of Swiss women politicians and feminist activists. They fought for equal rights, the reality of which sometimes still seems fragile.

Online film, 2012, 67 min
Didactic file

Published: 05.02.2021