Open Access Grants for FBM researchers

The FBM is proposing a way to increase the visibility of your publications and enhance your research internationally by making your articles directly accessible in Pubmed.

The University’s medical library is offering help and support to participate in Pubmed’s LinkOut Project (projet LinkOut). Over the past few months, this project has been providing an opportunity to link articles available in Green Open Access on institutional servers, such as Serval, to PubMed, increasing the chances of your research being accessible.

To be part of this movement, the University’s Medical Library needs as many manuscripts as possible from authors (“Author Accepted Manuscripts[1]) entered into open access on Serval and to push this, the Faculty of Biology and Medicine has decided to provide eight Open Access FBM grants for research groups, each of a value of 3,000 francs. Grants must be used to finance the Article Processing Charges (APCs)[2] of articles to be published in Pure Gold Open Access Journals[3] in 2018 (note, therefore excluding Open Access options from hybrid journals). The eight grant recipients will be randomly selected based on a draw of entering participants meeting the eligibility requirements (see below).

 Eligibility requirements for FBM Open Access Grants (see details)

  • FBM research group leaders, (UNIL or CHUV) must have made all their articles (original studies) published in 2015 and 2016 with UNIL or CHUV affiliation and for which a member of their group or themselves are first (co-first) or last (co-last) author, open access.
  • The Authors will have granted open access to their work either by the Gold Road, or the Green Road[4] with deposition of Author Accepted Manuscripts on Serval.

Authors have the possibility until March 30, 2018, to send their Author Accepted Manuscripts 2015-2016 for Open Access on Serval to Dr. Cecile Lebrand, FBM Open Science Manager ( Then, after checking eligibility of the participants, a draw will take place at the end of March 2018 to select the eight winning research groups who will receive 3000 francs towards APCs articles to be published in Pure Gold Open Access in 2018.

You are kindly requested to contact Cécile Lebrand to register for this Open Access grant project.


[1] Author’s Accepted Manuscript (post-print) is the manuscript version having passed peer-review and whose scientific content is accepted for publication by the publisher (before proofs; see details).

[2] To publish articles in Open Access following the Gold Road model, the author usually has to pay Journal publication fees, called “Article Processing Charges”. The latter range from 50 to 6,000 francs, usually 2,500 francs on average for an article in the biomedical field.

[3] A distinction should be made between “Pure Gold Open Access” journals (such as PLoS and BMC) that receive revenue only from Article Processing Charges (APCs) paid by the authors, and the so-called “hybrid” journals that collect revenue from both institutional subscriptions and APCs, paid by the authors of the same institution if they choose the Open Access option. This so-called “double dipping” situation forces institutions to pay twice for the same service, and is therefore not acceptable. The FBM, like the SNSF, exclude funding for the Open Access option offered by hybrid journals.

[4] Green Road .Authors file and deposit their “Author Accepted Manuscript” in Open Access via an institutional server (Serval for UNIL and CHUV), in parallel with its commercial publication.

Published: 27.11.2017